Shearing Day Info

On Shearing Day

  • Please keep the animals penned up overnight before the shearing and keep them off food and water. They will be more comfortable and less stressed during the shearing than if they were being sheared with full bellies.
  • Please keep an eye on the weather and make sure the animals are dry by the time of shearing.
  • The tighter the animals are penned and the less gates that they have to come through to get to me, the easier the day will go. If at all possible, please try to have them all in one pen.
  • The only other things that I really need are access to an outlet and a flat surface to shear on. It you have a piece of plywood that I can I shear on, it is appreciated (and cuts down on farm-to-farm contamination) but not absolutely necessary.
  • Commonly overlooked things: enough bags, labels or sharpie for marking bags, if desired, broom for sweeping up in between sheep, working electricity, gas for the generator

Helpful Advice from ASI:

(Some may not apply as you are not hiring a crew and we wont be using a wool press)

ASI’s Shearing Day Reminders

Thinking Ahead for Shearing Season




(Photo by Pete Murray